Video Gaming Technologies, Inc.

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With years of experience in both Class II and restricted gaming markets, VGT has proven capable of meeting the unique needs of Class II gaming. The first company to understand the premium on current gaming floorspace, VGT’s revolutionary narrow-depth cabinets allow operators to almost double the number of games they can hold when compared to a conventional cabinet.

VGT uses the highest-quality components to ensure up-time and minimize maintenance, featuring industry standard components like the Nanoptix Paycheck printers, reliable LCD touch screens and Cashflow DBA’s. With controlled access to the cash drop and hard meters, VGT understands the requirements of the National Indian Gaming Commission’s Minimum Internal Control Standards, and works closely with operators to ensure devices are in compliance.

Innovating to Meet Your Needs

In the end, a Class II manufacturer is only as popular as its best-performing game. VGT understands that companies who don’t innovate and offer new products get left behind in the competitive Class II marketplace. That’s why VGT is constantly innovating, creating new products that customers want, and that let operators better serve their players.

In the next several months, VGT will introduce games that combine mechanical reels with an interactive, touch-screen display that maximizes the player’s experience with exciting new features. We’ll also bring new bonus games to the market, and an upgraded Live-Call® Bingo platform with robust new reporting features, letting operators better track game performance.

VGT will continue to work closely with Class II operators, continuing to add the features you need to serve the Class II market. From an expanded range of pay tables to developing a player tracking feature, VGT will work with operators to meet your specific needs.

A Long-Term Partnership

VGT is proud of the place it has earned in Class II gaming, but understands it must continue developing new games and features. VGT’s team includes experienced programmers, distributors, marketers and former game operators who understand the unique nature of Class II gaming. As your partner, VGT is a long-term partner who will constantly work to meet your needs.