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Pirate's Paradise®

"Get hooked on Pirate's Paradise®, Matey!"

To launch this exciting new product, we've packed this game with our custom Red Screen Free-Spin® which players are sure to recognize from market leading games like Mr. Moneybags® and Hot Red Ruby®. According to VGT player research, Red Screen Free-Spin® is an exciting feature because players never know how many free spins they are going to receive, and the anticipation builds while they wait to see if they will be awarded more winning spins. Pirate's Paradise® has it all; the stability of our proven Live-Call® Bingo real-time bingo engine, the excitement of Red Screen Free-Spin®, and multipliers to increase the win.

Ahoy! Players will double their doubloons with Pirate's Paradise®! This buccaneer theme will introduce players to VGT's five reel mechanical games.

Configuration 9 Line, 180 Credits, 5 Reel Mechanical
Denomination $.01, $.02, $.05
Bonus Features Red Screen Free-Spin®, 7x Multiplier, 49x Multiplier
Top Award 392,000 Credits

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