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Red Hot Rubies®

"Rubies are red hot!"

Players won't want diamonds when they see Red Hot Rubies®! Red Hot Rubies® is a full Class II game for the Video Multi-Game terminals. Maximizing your player options in a convenient terminal, every Video Multi-Game system offers ten (10) great games on a single gaming terminal. From classic single-line games to Keno and eight-line simulations, the Video Multi-Game platform offers options for every type of player. Red Hot Rubies® has the stability of our proven Live Call Bingo™ real-time bingo engine, a variety of ten great games in a single terminal, and the excitement of Red Screen Free-Spin™. In addition, Red Hot Rubies® can be customized with one of our Bonus Blast™ games for added entertainment.

Red Hot Rubies® will sparkle on your gaming floor!

Configuration 10 game, multi-game video
Denomination $0.05
Bonus Features Red Hot Rubies™ features our custom Red Screen Free-Spin™ which has helped establish our multigames games as market leaders.
Top Award Various

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