Video Gaming Technologies, Inc.


C6 Mechanical Reels

Combining the excitement of actual reels with the Live-Call® Bingo real-time bingo platform, VGT’s Mechanical game terminal (patent pending) has grabbed a large portion of the Oklahoma Class II gaming market.

Each terminal uses mechanical stepper motors controlled by VGT’s proprietary technology to display the Live-Call® Bingo outcome. This allows players to see the familiar “spinning reel” interface while playing this popular Class II gaming product. The first bingo-based mechanical reel game offered for play in Class II markets, the VGT Mechanical game terminal has established a reputation for reliability and unmatched player appeal.

Available in VGT’s revolutionary narrow cabinet as well as a sit-down, slant top cabinet, the VGT Mechanical game terminal is available in dozens of popular game faces. With proven game characters and reliable components, the VGT Mechanical game terminal combines the features of the Live-Call® Bingo platform with some of the most appealing paytables in the Class II marketplace.

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