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Live-Call® Bingo

Live Call Bingo

A real-time, networked bingo game that enhances the player’s experience, Live-Call® Bingo ties the play of traditional bingo to an exciting interface that simulates games like Keno and traditional slot machines.

Played on more than 20,000 games in more than 125 casinos across the United States, VGT’s Live-Call® Bingo platform is one of the top performing platforms in a highly competitive Class II gaming market.

The backbone of VGT’s games, Live-Call® Bingo ties each machine to a central server. This allows two or more players to compete for a game-ending bingo pattern. Players purchase bingo cards on the actual machine, which are played against other opponents via the set of numbers drawn by the central server.

Through these electronic bingo cards, players earn prizes by achieving the game-ending pattern or by achieving any of a number of intermediate jackpot bingo patterns during the course of the game.

Developed to meet the legal requirements established by court decisions and the latest National Indian Gaming Commission rules, the Live-Call® Bingo platform offers players a wide range of prizes, including a number of “bonus” jackpots – all tied to completing certain intermediary patterns during the course of the game.